The Xi logo.

Xi is the world's first console-based alternate reality game created by nDreams. It was released on March 23, 2009. The game is playable in PlayStation Home. The game's goal is to find Jess and the meaning of Xi by collecting fragments and butterflies which can be achieved by completing different tasks. Some of the clues for the tasks are done in the real world. The first space for Xi released was The Hub but later more spaces such as Alpha Zones have been released.


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The player must first access The Hub using a teleporter located in the Home Square in Europe or Central Plaza in North America. When the player enters The Hub he/she finds out that the area is for AlphaAFK testers. Thom then tells the player to find three pieces of paper scattered throughout The Hub. When the papers are found the player gains access to the HoloPAD, Stapler and Online Gateway. The player is then asked to use the Online Gateaway and go to the AlphaAFK website and complete a puzzle there. When the player finishes the puzzle a code for the 1st fragment is given for him/her.

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